Monday, October 03, 2011

Life As It Is... Sept 2011

It has been a while since my last post :) This blog start to get neglected as I'm busy with my everyday life. Anyway, I'll try to keep this blog updated at least once a month so from now on I want to start a post series call "Life As It Is.." which will contain some sort of monthly diary of my life. It may contain a lot of photo for you to enjoy :) Hope I'll able to keep this series going this time :P

I tried this "Pepper Lunch Express" just right after the fasting month on August. The taste is quite ok for me so do the price. Having it at Midvalley food court. You need to eat it while it still hot because it contain a lot seasoning and pepper.

As you may know September is a Hari Raya month so I've been busy every weekend attending open house and friend's wedding.

Hari Raya Open House @ Pn. Salmi (My former lecture).
@Friend's Open House(Uni friends).
Yet another open house :P Told ya I'm busy every weekend.
This is at my friend's sister wedding.
Busy every weekend on September but still able to find some time to go out for dinner and night movie.

We ate at Pizza Hut, IOI Mall, Puchong. Wifey want to try this new pizza. While waiting we capture a few photo.

Wifey :)
and me :)

Finally our pizza came. How it taste? Well, personally I'm not fancy of Pizza Hut pizza including this. Better eat Dominos or Papa John pizza.

It is time to catch some movie after dinner. Got a lot of people that night.

and we are watching "Johnny English Reborn". Bough it through online so no need to queue and skip all the hassle. How the movie? It's great... I'm can't stop laughing throughout the entire movie so do my wifey.

Before go to cinema we do some shopping at Daiso. Manage to get this curtain holder for only RM5 each.

Cute right. You have a teddy bear hugging your curtain :P

Having lunch with all the office mates. Ate at Kelantan Delight at Sooka near the KL Sentral. This is first time I try to ate Sireh :P well... we all need to try it at least once.

I keep asking my wife to make me kuih Keria and finally she make it for me. It's superb.. love you wifey XD next thing in the list is Karipap :P

Also had a chance to having dinner at my friend house. Bring over my favorite pizza, Domino's meat mania chessy double decker :)

Last and not least here some of my cats photo.


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  2. @dd dudu
    Biasa lar... jarang2 update so sekali update letak terus banyak2