Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yuki... New Member of The House.

One is not enough. My heart always want more which I believe the more the merrier :P Let me introducing you with our new member of the house (Drum roll).................. Yuki.

Yuki in Japanese means snow. I adopted her from one of the rescuer which also where I found Chibi's rescuer. I think she much more older then Chibi maybe 1-2 month different. Not sure how much her weight now but she has bigger body compare to Chibi which I believe she has this big cat gene.

Anyway.. that all for now. I'll update more about Chibi and Yuki later. Enjoy the rest of photo of her :) 

Note : Please click on the photo to see it in full size and quality.

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Five...

I'm usually to lazy to response to a tag post but this time I'll do it since it's my wife who tag me. Here we go.

5 Important Dates
- 7 Feb 2005/6 : Couple with my wife after long try and rejection :P
- 11 June 2010 : Married to my wife.
- 27 Nov 1984 : The day my wife have been born to this world.
- 10 Apr 1984 : The day I was born to this world.
- Every 1st of the month : Pay check day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Things I did Yesterday
- Wake up in morning, boiled chicken to feed Chibi and clean his litter.
- Go to Carefour for some grocery shopping.
- Looking for potential cat :P like I always do
- Play with Chibi like always.
- Working on my personal project.

5 Things That Make Me Happy
- My wife cook what I want to eat.
- Buy something for my wife and Chibi even though my pocket will not happy with that :P
- When I able to solve problem.
- Go to Water park which I'm enjoy so much.
- Pay check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Reason Why I'm Doing This
- Because my wife tag me.
- Because I'm just finish my work for today.
- Because I don't know what to update and to lazy to process pending photo.
- Because I already login into my blogger account at the time I read my wife post.
- Because I want to tag Chibi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note : Chibi currently sleeping so he said that he will do the post once he feel want to do it or after getting food treat bribe from his foster father XD