Friday, April 22, 2011

Chibi In Action.

Chibi : Hi, my name is Chibi and I'm eating to fuel energy for playtime.

Chibi : Now I'm done eating time to play. C'mon..

Chibi : My foster father give me this box so I can be like Maru but...

Chibi : I'm actually don't care much about this box. Pity him so I'm just play along XD

Idz : Chibi, where are you going?
Chibi : Are you satisfied? I'm out from here.

Chibi : I prefer play catch compare to that box.

Chibi : Owh... it's coming.. it's coming.. ready.

Chibi : I'll catch you whatever it take.

Chibi : Hey.. wait... don't go away yet...

Chibi : Now take my mighty paw!!!!!!!

Chibi : Where that thing gone?

Chibi : Hem.. it is not in this box. Where is it?

Chibi : Hey.. do you know where it go?
Ros : I saw it goes to... (well.. your foster father already put it away)

Chibi : Hem.. look like my playtime is over. See you next time XD

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