Friday, March 25, 2011


Hi there. Let me introduce you with Chibi, our new family member. Chibi is the adopted cat that has been rescued from wet market. It is quite some time for us(me and my wife) looking for a cat, at first I'm planning to buy from pet store or breeder but after a long think and survey I decided to just do an adoption which is good because I'm giving a chance to stray cat to have better live :)

We adopt Chibi from veterinary clinic near Puchong area which he and his two sister put at after being rescued. At first we plan to take his sister but when we are there it is in critical condition and need some medical help. Concern we are not good enough to take care sick kitten then change our decision to take a look other kitten with is Chibi and his other sister name Kiera. We finally choose Chibi because from the first approach he look much more interested in us compare to his sister, Kiera.

Chibi was very thin back there with just 0.5 kg weight, has skin problem and a bit of diarrhea but after a few day with prescription food he become much more healthier. A week later when we go to do medical checkup for Chibi he manage to gain some weight from 0.5kg to 0.75kg. The skin problem still not yet fully recover but it's getting better with medicated shampoo we use. Here some photo of Chibi. Enjoy :)

Chibi @home. First week.

His 2nd week @Home.

Taken today @Home.

Maru The Cat in trainning :P


  1. thats great..
    actually how much d cost 4 both of u to adopt chibi?
    all d bez & cat is one of d bez stress releaser

  2. where are the animals clinic? must pay anything or not?

  3. It's free. Go to for the listing :)

  4. mak ai.. capangnya telinga.. kat blog eros xnmpk capang sgt.huhu.. nice.. make it more 'gebu' ya..

  5. iyer.. mmg telinga dia kelihatan capang sedikit. Tak tau lar sbb mmg capang atau dia masih kurus lg :P