Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It has been so long time since my last post. I'm kinda to focus on my Starcraft 2 game which I'm trying so hard to improve in a short period of time and I'm feel really guilty to abandoned my photography hobby. So now what I'm trying to do is to balance between my photography practice and my game practice. Not really sure whether I can do it or not :-P because new thing usually much more attractive right XD.

Anyway, here some of the shoot that I've been done recently. I never really done any flower photography before and in one fine evening I've decided to do that. All these shoot done with my trusty Canon 40D + EF 50mm f/1.8  lens (ideal lens for this kind of shoot should be the lens that have focal length 85mm and above so that you can totally throw all the background out of focus). Location was at my own house yard. Final output has been applied a minor color processing in Adobe Lightroom.

Of course I've shoot much more but these 3 are the best so far. What do you think?

P/S : In other note this kind of shoot suppose to be categorize as Close Up photography but I've decided to put it under Micro Photography. Want to know what are the differences between Close Up and Micro photography? Please do read this article.

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