Monday, July 19, 2010

Redang Island Vacation.

In June 2010, I've the opportunity to have a vacation on one of popular holiday spot in Malaysia,  Redang Island. It was kind of last minute plan and it was in school holiday so most of the resort already fully booked. After a few call, I'm finally manage to get a room at one of the resort that locate along the Pasir Panjang beach, Redang.

We (me and my wife) arrived at Merang jetty early in the morning and will take a bot to Redang Island. The journey if I'm not mistaken will take around 1 hour to get there.

Pasir Panjang beach is covered with soft white sand and the best thing is the sea water is so crystal clear plus you can see the fish swimming around just a few meter from the beach. Taking a afternoon nap on this kind of beach is just like a dream and it's so relaxing. All my stress gone with the wind :-P

If you go to the beach especially the beutiful one as this Pasir Panjang, walk a long the beach is a must. I'm plan to take a sunset shoot but weather was not on my side but still I'm manage to took a few portrait shoot of my wife while we having the morning walk before go to snorkeling activity.

Redang Island is really a nice place for you to relax. It's advisable for you to check the weather forecast before go there... beach will be much more fun with the sun shining ;-P

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