Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Thing We Do Last Weekend.

This is last weekend story. I went to Shah Alam last week together with my beloved wife, mother and my little nephew to run some errand. After finish all the errand things, I decided to drop by at the Plaza Masalam@Seksyen 9. This place bring a lot of my childhood memories for sure. While we are there is one toy(I'm not really sure what this thing call but it is a toy that when we put a coin it will start moving) that my little nephew always want to ride but his father never allowed him as long as I can remember so as a very good, nice and lovely uncle... I decided let him ride that thing.

Can you see how happy he is...

So that thing running about 10 minutes and when that thing stop it's where the nightmare start and revealing why my big brother never allow his son to ride this thing...

Because one time will not be enough for him. As you can see on above photo, he asked me to put more money into that thing so he can continue playing until he satisfied or bored. Hell no... I've to forcefully drag him away from that thing and the cry scene start from that moment(well... you should know how hard to carry a crying kid in the middle of shopping complex... it's required a lot of strength and patient).

After we done with our shopping + window shopping.. it is time for lunch. We ate at the newly open restaurant that serve "Ayam Penyet". The food was OK... but it will not be in my favorite list. Here some photos taken while we were waiting for the food.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lady In Red.

Just finished watching World Cup 2010 final. What a match and a lot of card flying around :-P Congratulation to Spain + Paul The Octopus ;-) and next stop will be in Brasil. Enough with the world cup thing.. lets proceed with the photography stuff :-)

These were some of the photos from short portrait session I've been done while back a week before we are getting married. Taken around 11am at Taman Tasik Shah Alam using my trusty Canon 40d + EF 50mm.

I'm very hungry right now. Wish I can have a hot muffin before I'm going off to bed...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Portraits Of My Family.

It has been nearly 3 weeks since my last update. Sorry for those people who visit this blog within my hiatus period :-P I'm still actively photographing even though I'm not updating this blog so right now I've a lot of it to share with you all :-)

I love to do portrait. I don't know why but I always like to include people in my photo. When I'm at Kelantan for my wedding, I've the opportunity to photograph some of my family members(brothers, nephews and cousin). All these photo has been taken at late afternoon(indoor to avoid harsh sun light) where there was a natural light from the windows on the left and I'm using the white wall as my background. White wall is very useful where it can give a clean background which will give me studio like result and it also can act as a big reflector to bounce a light to my subject. Here some of my best take for that session, enjoy :)