Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Black & White.

Recently I start to learn a bit about B&W images especially how to foreseen the potential of certain image as B&W material. Image without color will help my audience(who looking at my images) to focus more to the real content of the image such as moment, feeling, structure and so on without distracted by color element. Creating B&W images is not as simple as convert it but I need to see whether that image is strong enough to deliver a message without it's color. Contrast, shape, line and composition play important role as major element that I'll looking for before converting it to B&W.

This image below meet the requirement because it has the combination of strong contrast and line.

Below is one of my favorite because it contain such a great moment that show how great the love is. Decided to remove all the color to become B&W image so my audience can focus more to the moment it contain without get distracted by color.

In photography I always try to make my audience pause for awhile for each of my images where most of the time audience tend to just give a quick glance. I still have long way to go to create such image that give the impact I want. Need to work harder for that :)

Sunday, June 06, 2010


If you following me and all my photos since beginning until now you may notice that the style of my photo keep changing from time to time. I'm actually doing a lot of experiment on editing especially with the color but at the same time I'm trying not to be obsess with it because photo editing can be like a drug where it can actually make you want more and never know when to stop.

However I'm still believing that good photo should created by the time you press the shutter and only use editing to bring out the hidden potential of your photo. There are a lot of software can be use for editing but for now I'm stick to Adobe Lightroom as color processing and RAW conversion to JPEG. Final touch up usually will be done with GIMP.

Below is one of the photo which I'm already process and edit it. Hope someday I'll get better with this editing stuff and be able to bring my photo to the next level.