Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bandung Trip 2010 - Day 5 & 6.

Here the last post for my Bandung trip photos. On day 5 we spend our time to revisit a few places in Bandung to buy something. Our flight back to Malaysia was the first flight from Bandung to LCCT and it was very early in the morning.

It was a superb vacation. We have a lot of fun and good moments. For my photography part, I'm feel that I'm really have to learn more about composition which will allow me to deliver a story behind the photo (I think shooting wide should be something I'm need to learn in travel photography). On early of the trip I'm start to confuse with the setting I should use. Before go to Bandung I'm always shooting in Manual mode but while traveling the lighting condition will be rapidly change so I've to switch to Aperture mode. It is a good learning experience for me as photographer. Hope you all enjoy my Bandung trip series.

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