Friday, April 09, 2010

Take Better Portrait Tips.

Light is the main component for photography and without it no image can be produce. Light can be friend or enemy to photographer depend how you make use of it. Until now I'm still trying to understand the light and try to make full use of it. I believe good photographer should be able to produce great images regardless what light condition they are in.

There is simple tips you can follow when you do outdoor portrait. Remember this, when you shoot outdoor it is advisable for you to shoot under open shade. Where can you find this open shade? Well, most of the time tree and building can be a good source of open shade or anywhere you can find as long the light from the sun not directly fall on your subject. With open shade basically you can shoot any time of day and don't need to worry whether it is early morning or late afternoon where the light would be softer. Below are some photo taken by me that practice this open shade tips.

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