Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Life As It Is... October 2011.

Hi there :)

It's time for the 2nd post of "Life As It Is"!!!!!!!!! The post that I'll only do once a month and share with you what happen in my life in backlog style(*actually I'm lazy to update every day or every week :-P). Of course same as last post, this time the post will still contain a lot of photo for you to admire(*photos are good.. reduce the number of word I've to type :-P). Without further ado let's the feast... eh... post begin!!!!!!!!!!!

Muahaha... Idzuan, Idzuan, Idzuan... what wrong with you, first photo already show food? Oh well... what to do, I love to eat and so do you right? ;-) Above photo is "Sambal Tumis" ayam/chicken which of course not cooked by me(*credit to my wifey). Maybe you all already know how much I love spicy food especially the "Sambal Tumis" ayam/chicken. It's such a simple food/dish but to get the perfect one is rather hard. Lucky my wife already master it and her "Sambal Tumis" near to perfection according to my personal taste ;-D.

Ok... move along. Ahh... how much I love books. In October there was an event called "Big Bad Wolf" where all the books in that event will be sell at super discounted price, I think it almost 70-80% of the original price.

We go on Saturday very early morning knowing that there will be a lot of people. We arrive 30 mins before the hall is open and you can see the long queue there. Bring three big shopping bag so it will be easier to carry all the books while do the bargain hunting.

The hall is big!!!!!!!! and a lot of book. Divided by section so it's easy to find what you want to buy. When first entering the hall I straight away went to computer section to find all my programming books and then move to financial section.

With only RM100 budget I manage to grab all the books I wanted and fill up my shopping bag to the max :-) I'm sure it will be more if I'm not set any budget. Next year plan to increase the budget and for the next time instead of shopping bag I'll straight away bring a trolley :-D.

See... how happy my wife is ;-P shopping... always make girls happy regardless of what ;-P. For boys... hem... the pocket will become lighter X-D.

And here are the books we manage to get from "Big Bad Wolf"...

Oh yess.... cats are not included :-) (*sibuk ahh ko kucing)

The "Big Bad Wolf" event was in the morning and we done with our bargain hunting by afternoon. Got party invitation from my uncle for his daughter birthday. Location at his "Tutti Fruity" outlet at Bandar Sri Permaisuri. (*yeah!!!! free Tutti Fruity!!!!!!!).

The birthday girl.

Took a few shoot of my lovely nephews. Well... can't get the shoot I intend to but what to do... kids will not stay still X-D

They are cute right... just like me ;-P.

Chibi got stuck in the Giants plastic bag :-D He always be the one who explore and check out the things we bring back to the house :-).

Maybe you don't know that Chibi and Yuki is not in a good term with each other. They kinda a natural enemy so stay next to each other will end up with the cat bitch slap X-D. One day I saw they sleep near to each other... I think that is the closest they can go.

And then come Miu in the middle...

When the place become to crowded, Yuki always be the one to leave. We always call her "Diva" because she not good in sharing with other cats.

One fine day while working at my computer room, I saw something outside. It's a hamster!!!!!!!!! I'm not sure how he can get there but I need to rescue him. There are a lot of stray cat around that area so you know what will happen to that hamster if I leave him there...

The hamster not in good condition by the time I rescued him. You can see yourself at above photo. Bought some small cage for him to stay. This is my cat reaction to him ;-P

What the hell is this???? Miu asked.

Hello there... we means no harm... hehehe(*evil).

In the end, the hamster die a week after that :'-(. RIP hamster... ooohh... I named him Lucky btw.

Also in October, there was a promotion by Groupon for Manhattan Fish Market. I'm not remember exactly what the set name but here the photo.

A bit disappointed with the set. It's already pre-cooked so by the time we get it, it's already cold. I think they premade it because a lot of people buy that coupon from Groupon.  There was a few other I saw use that coupon. In another week we go eat at Ichiba Ramen, Jusco Balakong. The food from there so far never let me down... I'm always go out as a happy customer with a few kilos added (*Idzuan... a few kilos?? Are you sure?? ;-P). You should try it to... recommended by me :-D

This is not a food ok. Just a decoration there... so don't order this.

Sorry... once again forgot the food name :-P Oohh.. there is Takoyaki there X-D

Once again like last month by boss from US came to Malaysia. There is a project going on and we already near the release so he will come here quite often. The good thing is when we came he always treat of us a lunch. Busy schedule only allowed us to go to the nearest restaurant/cafe so once again we all eat at Kelantan Delight @Sooka, Sentral.

The curry is superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Such a small team :) I'm the only Malay there.
In October also, one of my friend both husband and wife got their first son, and his name is "Haris Safeyullah Bin Mohd Khairi". Hope I'm not spelling it wrong :-P.

Fuhhh... almost there. Please bare with me a little bit more :-P this what will happen if you update once a month X-D To end this post let me show you more of my cats photo.

Till next time... bye.